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 Imaginaerum Movie

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Imaginaerum Movie Th10

Musical film and Finnish-Canadian fantasy, directed by Stobe Harju based on a story by Tuomas Holopainen. This musical film is part of the concept album Imaginaerum the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. Part of the soundtrack of the film is inspired by the album. Imaginaerum is produced by Markus Selin of Solar Films and Nightwish. This is the first feature film by Stobe Harju.
The film has received grants from the Finnish Film Foundation, a Finnish government institution. They amounted to 575,000 dollars, out of a total budget of 3.7 million dollars. This film was originally called Imaginarium (like the album), but the title was changed to Imaginaerum to avoid confusion with other works. The film was released November 23, 2012 in Finland. Each member of the band Nightwish plays a character in this movie, including Anette Olzon, the shooting has been done in 2011. Revenue in Finland amounted to 87,670 dollars.

Tom, an elderly and senile composer imagines a world in which he is still a young boy. While asleep he travels into his past when his old dreams mix with fantastic music and imaginary world of the young boy. Gem, the composer's daughter, attempts to recreate the ties that bound him to his father previously healthy, but his attempts are compromised by the failing health of his father.
The director of Imaginaerum, Stobe Harju, clarified the plot of the film on the band's website September 7, 2011:
"Imaginaerum tells the story of an elderly composer, Tom, who suffers from severe dementia. Being ill for several years and have regressed to childhood, he remembers practically of his adult life. His music, his friends, all his past including the memory of his daughter are only vague in his fragile mind. All that remains is the imagination of a ten year old boy. As he falls into a coma, it seems impossible to recover what he has forgotten. Tom journey in his imaginary world seeking answers and finding memories, while his daughter, Gem, tries to recreate the relationship she once shared with her ​​father in the real world. As they became increasingly distant from each other as the years passed, and as there are even greater obstacles separating them now (Tom coma and near death) plans seem destined Gem to failure. However, through Tom's darkest secrets, Gem discovers the path she must follow to find his father again.

Sets of members:
Tuomas Holopainen: Thomas Whitman, 34 and 47.
Anette Olzon: Ann, 32 years.
Marco Hietala: Marcus, 35 years.
Emppu Vuorinen: Emil, 32 years.
Jukka Nevalainen: Jack, 34 years.

Marianne Farley: Gem Whitman, à 35 ans.
Quinn Seigneur: Thomas Whitman, à 10 ans.
François-Xavier McCarthy: Thomas Whitman, A 75 ans.
Ilkka Villi: Theodore Whitman et M. White.
Joanna Noyes: Ann, 73 ans.
Keyanna Fielding: Gem Whitman, à 7 ans.
Stéphane Demers: Soldat de plomb.
Ron Lea: Dr Jansson.
Hélène Robitaille: Danseur Arabe.
Troy Donockley: Magicien / assistant de Gem.
Victoria Ann Jung: Ann, 8 ans.
Elias Toufexis: voix de M. White.
Madison McAleer: Fille orpheline.
Glenda Braganza: Nourrice de Tom.

The idea of the film:
In early autumn 2008, Tuomas Holopainen, Nightwish leader, proposed the idea of the film to other group members and video producer Stobe Harju with which the group had already worked on the video for The Islander. Stobe Harju immediately liked the project. The original idea Tuomas had to shoot a video for each of the thirteen songs on the album, but Stobe Harju suggested they could also include dialogue. They began to work on pre-production and Imaginaerum Stobe Harju wrote a first draft of the screenplay of 70 pages, based on the original ideas of Tuomas Holopainen. It was decided that instead of making a separate set of clips, rather they had to create an entire movie with a more developed story.
About Tuomas Holopainen explained: "I wanted to convey a positive message and the idea of ​​carpe diem. The film is about the joy of being alive and the beauty of the world. ". For the visual mood of the film, he cited the work of Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman and Salvador Dalí as sources of inspiration. Stobe Harju Imaginaerum described the musical style as "a cross between Moulin Rouge and the film Pink Floyd The Wall. "
5. The film will have a lot of computer-generated images and special effects.
Members of Nightwish will both appear as themselves and also in small supporting roles with dialogue. Tuomas Holopainen appear in "a man of fifty years of dreary and wrinkled." Stobe Harju wanted the audience "feel the presence of Nightwish" and chooses the names of characters played by members of the group so that they resemble their real names and Anette Olzon plays Ann,
Tuomas Holopainen plays Tom,
Marco Hietala plays Marcus,
Emppu Vuorinen plays Emil
and Jukka Nevalainen plays Jack.

According to Tuomas Holopainen, the duration of the film should be about 80 minutes.
At the end of May 2011 the last changes were made to the script and some of the post-production began before the shooting. An update on the blog site said that Nightwish "Imaginaerum" will by no means a film for children, but a dark and sinister imagination, a dream world with no shortage of surprises. "
The film was announced publicly for the first time on 10 February 2011 on the band's official website. A poster made ​​by Janne "Toxic Angel" Pitkänen was unveiled at the same time.
The hearing was completed in August 2011, and filming in 18 days between September and October. This occurred mainly in Montreal, Canada, because of the incentives offered by the country in the production of foreign films. Bassist Marco Hietala group revealed that all the scenes with Nightwish had been finished before September 23, 2011.
October 11, 2011, the distribution was announced on the official website, quoting Francis X. McCarthy, Quinn Lord, Marianne Farley, Joanna Noyes, Ilkka Villi, Keyanna Fielding, Ron Lea, Victoria Jung, Helene Robitaille and Stephane Demers.
A trailer has been online 24 April 2012 on the YouTube account of Nightwish.
August 23, 2012 Nightwish announced via its website that the world premiere will take place on 10 November at the Hartwall Areena in Helsinki, Finland, just after a concert by the group. The next day they announce that the soundtrack will be released on 9 November, the day before the premiere.
The last trailer was released October 16, 2012.
The film was released November 23, 2012 in Finland, March 18, 2013 in Germany and Austria May 27, 2013 in Russia entitled "Воображариум".

The Score:
The soundtrack is mainly by Petri Alanko reinterpretations of songs from the album Imaginaerum. Petri Alanko had already composed the music of Alan Wake video game for which Stobe Harju had also produced cutscenes. The CD of the soundtrack was released November 9, 2012, just before the premiere.

1. Find Your Story
2. Orphanage Airlines
3. Undertow
4. Spying in the Doorway
5. A Crackling Sphere
6. Sundown
7. Wonderfields
8. Hey, Buddy
9. Deeper Down
10. Dare to Enter
11. I Have to Let You Go
12. Heart Lying Still
13. From G to E Minor
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Imaginaerum Movie
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