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Tessa Wishmaster
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Date d'inscription : 2013-08-26

PostSubject: Heyy!   Mon 2 Sep - 19:43

Hello all the Nightwishfreaks out there! This is meant to be a presentation of me.

Name: I got so many of them in my life...but my favorite (Not the one on my ID!) is Linda. It means beautiful or sweet, but with the meaning of a tune or melody. The language is Sindarin, Grey-Elvish, but I think it's the same in some others.

Age: I don't care about the age. Really. So I just say that I'm younger than 20, okay?

Country: Germany. I'm totally German but I wish I was English or Irish. They have more beautiful countries and languages and music.

A bit about me...okay. I am a student and writer. A very young, though, but I enjoy it and the people like my stories. I've just finished my first editing! Yay! *sarcasm* And I love music. I'm not a fan of hiphop or R 'n' B. I like music like soul or just that kind of music where people have a good voice and play the guitar or the piano. I don't even like Rammstein. But someday, when I finally got wifi Very Happy, I discovered symphonic metal and loved it. My favorite band is still Nightwish.

When god made me, and he came to the point where the people get their imagination, he was probably drunk. I have far too much of it. I create fantasy worlds, new characters and stuff all the time, most of the songs I write are about or play in fantasy worlds. same with the book and the stories. I have so many ideas.

And I love to sing. Singing is for me relaxing and reaming and feeling the songmaker's feelings. I can sing high and low because I trained both.

I don't even like electronic. I just like the fact that you can connect people everywhere on the internet.

I love drawing. Yes. I draw people I see or some anime- elves, angels and fairies.

My favorite things....okay, we start with movies. My all-time-favorite is the Lord of the Rings. I love that and I love Tolkien and I love Middle earth and it's so favorit echaracters are Strider, Galadriel and especially Frodo Baggins. He was my first fictional crush and I still love him. He is like me and how I want to be. And I mean his real character, not how he is like when he has the ring too long in the third part. Music: as I said before. Books: Too much....Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, the silmarillion, Inkheart, Clockwork Angel, The Mortal Instruments, Hunger Games, The complete Sherlock Holmes...yeah. Oh, and actors: Johnny Depp. He is fantastic. So much talent and he is just hot! And his voice is incredible. With this word we come to the next one: Elijah Wood. He plays Frodo ( fictional crush, I know...Smile) and is so sweet and funny. And then, last but not least, Jamie Campbell Bower. I've loved him since Sweeney Todd, his first movie, (I love it!) and now he plays Jace in the Mortal instruments. Also one of my fictional crushes.
Colors: Black. And the blue of Frodo's me a fangirl :3

I think that's enough! :DThat was...Tessa's presentation!

(Photo here: I love my hat.)
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Tuomas - Nemo

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PostSubject: Re: Heyy!   Mon 2 Sep - 21:11

Hei Tessa !
I wish you a big welcome and thank you for this very complete presentation ! I love it !!
Have fun here ! And I hope see you regulary here Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Heyy!   Tue 3 Sep - 15:20

Hi welcome with us Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Heyy!   

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