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 Emppu Vuorinen

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Tuomas - Nemo
Tuomas - Nemo

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PostSubject: Emppu Vuorinen   Emppu Vuorinen I_icon_minitimeThu 13 Jun - 12:28

After careful planning and execution, Emppu and his twin brother popped out on June 24, 1978 in Kitee to the joy of the Vuorinen family. The final number of siblings came to be five: me, bro and three wonderful sisters. The family is completed by my mom and dad, the instigators of this chaos.

My childhood and youth were spent as they're usually spent, doing this and that: sports, wandering in the woods, playing music, and occasionally even studying. After playing in numerous bands, our paths finally crossed with Tuomas and the rest of the guys. And I'm still on that path. It's a winding road that's sometimes a little bumpy, but we're speeding on with terrible clatter and sputter.

I got seriously into music when I was about 11, thanks to a couple of guitarist buddies, especially Matti Turunen. He was the one responsible for the snowball effect in my playing.

After I learned how to tune the thing, I basically listened to all kinds of cassettes and records, trying to play the stuff. I stubbornly waded through all musical genres. Obviously I liked some of the stuff more — who knows why?

In addition to the band, I'm currently involved in Brother Firetribe with the rest of the "uncles". We've been pretty quiet for the last couple of years, something that's basically also in tune with our philosophy: we do what we do when we feel like doing it. You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink, or how do they say. Anyway, we're still active and have even recorded a couple of new tracks.

So, here you have some facts of this guy's life, off the top of my head. More later, when I remember them.

1. Old Malmsteen albums, from a guitarist's viewpoint 
2. Old Helloween albums — my first cassette was by Helloween. 
3. The Black Album / Metallica
4. After this, the list becomes so big that it's hard to pick just one.

This is always such a problematic question, as my favorite songs keep changing all the time.

1. First Blood
2. K-pax
3. Hannibal Lecter stuff, basically everything by A. Hopkins
4. See "Albums, 4". Or "Songs".

Once again, I can't pick just one. At some point, I must have read all the crime paperbacks in the world, and then I began to wade through biographies and books about religion, life philosophy, science, history, politics et cetera. And for a while now, I haven't read anything. Maybe I read 'em all already? 

1. Friends
2. Photography
3. Playstation
4. Movies
5. Drifting

Everything except tomatoes.

Everything except tomato juice

Miscellaneous interests
Drunken sauna philosophy

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Emppu Vuorinen
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