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 Nightwish frontman Tuomas Holopainen: "Now, I'm happy"

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Nightwish frontman Tuomas Holopainen: "Now, I'm happy" Empty
PostSubject: Nightwish frontman Tuomas Holopainen: "Now, I'm happy"   Nightwish frontman Tuomas Holopainen: "Now, I'm happy" I_icon_minitimeWed 19 Jun - 15:48

The Article Traduction:

Nightwish frontman Tuomas Holopainen: "Now, I'm happy"

Tuomas Holopainen has found inner happiness.
IS met by Nightwish frontman Tuomas Holopainen, the home town of Kitee, which Holopainen has time to spend suvea, although the summer will take the band to gigs around Europe. trolling, hiking and baseball monitoring interspersed with man is also preparing his own solo album, which is essentially a film music. now Holopainen talks, however, Nightwish, which will have a new vocalist before the end of the year. Nightwish Finland, there are still three festival. All of these concerts Nightwish vocalist, is a Dutch soprano Floor Jansen . But what happens after that? question is agitated Nightwish fans since the Swedish singer Anette Olzon left the band in October 2012. At the time Nightwish announced that Jansen is the band's soloist Imaginaerum tour time. now Nightwish's lead character is the new to report. - Summer Tour We will not end in Germany 11 August, after which the other members keep the band with a couple of months a reflection of the new song of the artist selection. The decision is made before the end of the year and will be published early 2014, Holopainen find out. - So far, we have not wanted to think about it really at all. belong Jansen, in any case, ehdokkaisiinne? - Yes, he definitely belongs. Jansen has been sitting in our band perfectly. The whole band is currently in good spirit, good-humored and relaxed oloinen Holopainen says. - Sometimes it's nice just to socialize, does not always have to be getting married soon, he is referring to the lead singer of the situation. Nightwish separated the original song singer Tarja Turunen in October 2005. The next choice for the vocalist was no small project, the applicants eventually get washed Olzon was up to around 2000. - As history has shown, our band vocalist choice is really not easy. The singer is required very much - just a few of them meet the criteria, Holopainen line. None of the fire rush Nightwish subjects is not a case, as the summer, the band will live a long hiatus. - In 2014, we will not do any gig. It's the year is dedicated to making completely new songs. The new album will be out in 2015, Holopainen says. previous studio album Imaginaerum was the best-selling album of 2011 Finland Emma Award Gala, even though the album was released just a few weeks before the end of the year. Holopainen said already thinking up ideas for new themes for songs. - As in the past, including songs now at yarn to me like your diary writing. Feelings of being re-born, and tell us Holopainen underscores. Kitee, the owner of a house Holopainen from the rest of everyday life, such as, in particular fans of broad interest to the love of life, it has been difficult to explain, because the crystal is not uniform wanted to tell suhdekuvioistaan. He does not make exception this time either. - The decision to leave. I'm talking about my private life in public, he says. Holopainen In a broader context, however, is willing to talk about the current everyday life. - I'm happy at the moment, do not have anything to complain about. My life is enough for both of adversity than success in moments, and there are still a lot of unrealized dreams left. I enjoyed every minute of it. Holopainen summer gigs interspersed with plans to focus on such scam, hiking and reading. - trolling is one of the great passions, he says.

Picture of the article "Tuomas & his parents"
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Nightwish frontman Tuomas Holopainen: "Now, I'm happy"
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